Why most safety training presentations suck!

After 22+ years of both attending and presenting safety training presentations, I’ve realized the stats presented by Guy Kawasaki are as true as ever. In the foreward that he wrote for the book Presentation Zen, Guy stated that “95% of presentations SUCK” and then “OK, maybe I’m exaggerating…It’s actually 99%.” I couldn’t agree more, as Guy indicated, what we see is:

  • Long
  • Boring
  • Bad slides
  • Content-free

What we want to see:

  • Short
  • Simple
  • Legible
  • Engaging

After looking through many years of slide handouts and presentations here’s been the standard.

My thoughts are if you’re going to prepare a presentation like that shown to the left why don’t you just email it to them and have them read it. Why do they need you?

At Affygility Solutions, we work extremely hard to ensure that every presentation, every webinar is NOT death by Powerpoint.

We create our presentations with high-impact graphics, simple and easy to read text; and then you will be engaged in a “conversation” with industry experts.

Here’s just one example of our slides:

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