Why Webinars Rock!

O.k., you just received a glossy brochure in the mail regarding a seminar in Washington, D.C. on a topic you’re really interested in learning more about. You go to your manager and ask if you can attend. Manager responds, “Tell me how much it’s going to cost.” You reply, “Well, the registration fee is $1995.” Manager, says wait a minute, “What is the total cost?” You go back your desk and start figuring it all out – let’s see…airfare, hotel, mileage to and from airport, parking at airport, cab to and from hotel, lunches, dinners, etc. Total travel expenses = $1,240. So now, your total cost to attend is $3,235 for a two day seminar for one person. Then , of course, we all know we’re busy professionals, so what’s the time spent on attending a two-day brick and mortar seminar. Packing luggage, driving to airport, waiting in the security line, flight-time, completing expense reports, and the same thing over again on the return trip. A conservative estimate, if everything goes smoothly, is 14 hours 20 minutes of just travel time, add the 16 hours of seminar time and your looking at a total of 30 hours and 20 minutes.

Now, let’s look at the efficiencies involved in attending a webinar. Registration cost on the same topic is $1395 per attendee. Because all the non-value added material is removed (i..e attendee introductions, extended breaks, etc) the course is 10 hours of contact time. You just save yourself 20 hours and 20 minutes to do the things that you really like to do.

Want to spend more time with your family or enjoying the things that you like to do…attend a webinar!!


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