Webinars don’t have to suck!

Recently, I was invited by a client to attend an online meeting to review their corporate auditting practices. While I ultimately got the information that I needed, the overall experience of the online meeting was poor.

Over the past several years, Affygility Solutions has provided dozens of online webinars using the latest webinar technology available. Affygility Solutions is constantly benchmarking the quality of its webinars with those held by other organzations. Through these efforts, we have found that a large majority of these organizations believe that you can just give a Powerpoint presentation on the web. Not true. In order to give an effective webinar, you must take a totally different approach to your presentation style. While we are not going to give away any of our trade secrets here, effective online presentations take a tremedous amount of work, much more so than a face-to-face presentation.

In addition, there appears to be a prevalent mental model that “webinars suck.” This mental model seems to stem from presentation practices in the corporate world where a bad presentation in a face-t0-face setting is really bad in an online meeting setting. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re not willing to put the extra work into making it a good experience for your attendees then don’t do it at all.

We’ve learned alot about giving effective webinars in the past several years and apprarantly it’s work. Just yesterday one of the attendees sent us an email. She started the email by saying:

“Thank you for the training today – I found both presentations excellent”

H. Palacious
Industrial Hygienist
Boston University

Regardless of whether you like webinars or not, webinars are here to stay. In today’s tough economic times, companies are looking to reduce costs, especially in travel expenses for training. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at dcalhoun@affygility.com


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