NIOSH Updates its Lists of Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings 2010

Potent Compound Safety in HealthcareThe National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has issued its updated list of Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings. This list added 21 drugs to the original list that was created in 2004. In this alert, NIOSH emphasizes a standard precautions or “universal precautions” approach to handling hazardous drugs.

Affygility Solutions believes that occupational exposure to antineoplastic agents, hazardous drugs, and potent compounds in the healthcare industry is a significant concern. In many cases, health care personnel may not have the appropriate potent compound safety training, or training in the proper use of engineering controls. If a traditional potent compound categorization scheme was applied, several of the compounds on the list would be categorized as a category 4 or 5 potent compound.

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