Noise and hearing loss infographic. Is your compliance management system robust?

Information graphics or infographics are graphical representations of information, data, or knowledge.  These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly.  Below is an infographic on noise and hearing loss. I thought it would be useful sharing with other environmental, health and safety professionals.

compliance management software pharmaceutical industryPharmaceutical companies that need to comply with OSHA’s hearing conservation standard should have a compliance management software system in place to manage complex regulatory requirements contained in the hearing conservation standard.  These requirements can include establishment and implementation of a noise monitoring program, an audiometric testing program, use of hearing protection, a training program, and records management.  While engineering controls, such as noise baffling devices and sound absorbing materials, are the preferred means of reducing occupational noise exposure, hearing protection is often required.

Hearing protection devices can include:

In the pharmaceutical industry, a wide variety of pharmaceutical manufacturing activities can produce noise levels that require hearing protection.  These activities can include: blending, mixing, milling, granulation, and tableting.

On another note, one question that often arises is “Can employees use digital audio players such as an iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player in lieu of hearing protection.  The short answer is “no” unless your can ensure that the noise levels are less than 90 dBa.  A more detailed answer is in OSHA’s letter of interpretation on this topic.  I should mention that I did see that 3M came out with some hearing protection devices with a 26 dB NRR that also were headphones.

If you have any questions on hearing conservation programs, our webinars on potent compound safety, or compliance management software systems, please contact Affygility Solutions today!

Infographic hearing conservation


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