How to Blog – Ten tips for better blogging

How to blog – Ten Tips for Better Blogging

How to BlogWhether you’re just getting started in blogging or been blogging for years, here’s ten tips on how to blog better:

  1. Think about quality not quantity – If you’re not feeling inspired and can’t come up with something to write about then don’t.  Yes consistency is important, but consistently posting poorly written articles will hurt you in the long run.
  2. Create interesting and unique content – This is the hard part. Coming up with a post that no one else has written about is difficult. There’re several ways you can do this: a) Have a unique point of view. Be careful here, you might get a lot of traffic to your blog, but might also make people angry, b) Talk about your travels or conferences that you attend. If you’re a business professional such as myself, you probably travel quite a bit. Always have your digital camera with you and take pictures, post them, and write about them.  People enjoy these types of blog posts. If you attend a professional conference, then write up a short summary about a session or two, c) Interview interesting people.  The logistics of getting a person to agree to be interviewed might be difficult at first, but create a list of questions ahead of time, and give them some time to think about them.
  3. It’s a blog not a scientific journal article – It you’re a technical person, remember it’s a blog not a scientific journal. By their very nature, blogs tend to be informal and more personal. Build a relationship and engage with your blog’s readership.  Read books on how to blog better, and on social media.
  4. Be brief – A great length for a blog post is somewhere between 250 – 500 words.
  5. Create lists – People like lists.  These are things that they can easily absorb while drinking their morning cup of coffee or taking a break at work.
  6. Have a theme, but provide some variety – While your blog should have an overall theme or direction, provide variety that will be interesting and useful for the end user.  People like variety, so be human and not dull.
  7. Be spontaneous – While most people like to post on a regular schedule, if something interesting comes up, or a hot topic arises, start jotting down notes while it’s fresh in your mind.
  8. Synthesize ideas from different fields – Read articles, blog posts, magazines, follow interesting people on Twitter, attend different groups, etc. and synthesize these new ideas into the old ones.
  9. Use feedback to generate new content – Always be listening to your readership for feedback. Use that feedback to come up with better content.
  10. Avoid too much promotion – If you’re constantly writing about your company, it’s products and services you won’t get traffic. Always think about providing value to your readership.

So there you have it, How to Blog – Ten Tips for Better Blogging.


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