Sustainability and EHS on Twitter – Who to Follow?

Are you a sustainability or environmental, health and safety professional, and looking to get started on Twitter?  Well, who do you Follow?  To get started you can take several approaches.  These approaches are as follows:

  1. Go to the Twitter Search tool and search for key terms such as “sustainability”, “environmental”, “occupational safety”, “industrial hygiene”, or similar terms.  Once the results are produced, look at their profiles and get a feel for the types of tweets they’re producing.  Look at their profiles and past tweets to see if the content is relevant to sustainability or environmental, health and safety.  Other items to look for: a) make sure that the tweets aren’t primarily marketing messages.  An occasional, marketing message tweet is expected, but these tweets should overwhelm the sustainability and environmental, health and safety content; b) the number of tweets that they have sent. Typically, you’ll want someone that tweets on a regular basis, so their tweets should be in the high 100’s or more; c)  Do they engage with their followers or is it primarily one way communication?; and d)  Look at the number of Twitter “Lists” that they are included on.  This might also give you an indication of similar persons to follow.
  2. The second approach is to start by following mostly associations and governmental organizations. Most major associations such as the the American Biological Safety Association, the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the American Society of Safety Engineers, GEMI, the National Association for Environmental Management, and many others have Twitter accounts.  In addition, government agencies such as the Department of Labor, the Environmental Protection Agency, NIOSH and many other agencies have Twitter accounts as well.  One warning when following primarily associations and governmental organizations, it’s primarily one way communication in the form of announcements, so don’t expect a lot of enhancement.
  3. The third way to get a list of sustainability, and environmental, health and safety people/organizations that tweet is to use Klout.  Klout is a tool that ranks Twitters by their level of influence.  Here’s my Klout list of top sustainability, and environmental, health and safety Twitters (click the image to go to the full list that is clickable).
Sustainability, Environmental, Health and SafetyBy the way, if you want to follow me on Twitter, just go to @affygility.  I generally tweet about all things environmental, health and safety, potent compound safety, and compliance management software.


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