Potent Compound Safety Program [Infographic]

Need to implement a potent compound safety program? Don’t know where to start?

potent compound safety imageAs always, the potent compound safety experts at Affygility Solutions are leading the way with the release of our innovative and creative potent compound safety program infographic.  As shown in this infographic, establishing and implementing a effective program requires that all elements work together.  These elements include:

  • Determination of pipeline and marketed compounds that meet the definition of a potent compound;
  • Establishment and implementation of your company-specific control banding strategy;
  • Placement of compounds into the appropriate control band;
  • Determination of occupational exposure limits for late-stage compounds;
  • Training of employees in potent compound safety;
  • Certification of engineering controls;
  • Conducting industrial hygiene monitoring for active pharmaceutical ingredients; and
  • Performing routine program audits.

While at first this may seem overwhelming , this poster boils it all the down to the key points that you need to know in order to efficiently implement your program.  In addition, this infographic presents occupational exposure limits a few example compounds, such a dihydroxyvitamin D3 and fentanyl citrate.

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