Methylene Chloride Safety Webinar

Methylene Chloride Safety is Important

Methylene chloride safetyViolations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Standard (29 CFR 1910.1052) on methylene chloride can be very costly.  In recent years, OSHA has cited companies of all sizes over $500,000 in proposed penalties related to its methylene chloride standard. Please note, that in many of these cases other violations of OSHA standards were discovered as a result of regulatory inspection that were initiated by suspected violations of this standard.  As is typical in a regulatory inspection process, inspectors are required to cite all observed violations.

Compliance with the Methylene Chloride Safety Standard can be Complex

[pullquote]”In recent years, OSHA has cited companies of all sizes over $500,000 in proposed penalties related to its methylene chloride standard.”[/pullquote]The Methylene Chloride standard contains many requirements.  These requirements can include:

  • Industrial hygiene (exposure monitoring) involving the collection of employee breathing zone air samples.  This monitoring must be performed initially, and, depending upon the initial results, periodically;
  • Establishment of regulated areas;
  • Implementation of engineering and work practice controls;
  • Proper use of respiratory protection. Note: The methylene chloride standard prohibits the use of air-purifying respirators, therefore, air-supplying respirators must be used where airborne concentrations of methylene chloride warrant the use of respiratory protection.
  • Medical evaluation and surveillance;
  • Employee information and training; and
  • Recordkeeping.

Because these compliance requirements can be so complicated, Affygility Solutions has developed a series of methylene chloride compliance tasks.  These easy to understand tasks are available to subscribers of the Affytrac EHS software system.  In addition to our EHS software, Affygility Solutions offers a 1-hour Methylene Chloride Safety webinar.  This webinar is taught by EHS and toxicology professionals with decades of experience. To learn more about this webinar, or how to develop and implement a methylene chloride safety program, click on the above link.




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