Online Service for Potent Compound Safety OELs Announced

OEL Fastrac Features Online Ordering of Occupational Exposure Limits and Acceptable Daily Exposure Limit for Potent Compounds

Affygility Solutions, a leading provider of environmental, health and safety services and software to the life science industry, today announced the release of the OEL Fastrac service, an online service for requesting and obtaining occupational exposure limit (OEL) and acceptable daily exposure (ADE) monographs for common active pharmaceutical ingredients.

“We are extremely excited about the release of OEL Fastrac,” said Dean Calhoun, CIH, Chief Executive Officer for Affygility Solutions. “This online service is the latest demonstration of our focus on innovation and meeting industry needs. OEL Fastrac will streamline the entire process of requesting and obtaining high-quality occupational exposure limit and acceptable daily exposure monographs for active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our top priority is delivering the best technology to ensure reliable, rapid, and cost-effective information for our life science industry clients.”

To experience OEL Fastrac, go to to view our growing catalog of OEL/ADE monographs.

About OEL Fastrac(TM)

OEL Fastrac(TM) is an innovative online service by Affygility Solutions that provides life science professionals with high-quality documents containing the necessary information to properly classify and protect their employees from the hazards of potent active pharmaceutical ingredients. In addition, at no additional cost, OEL Fastrac monographs contain the acceptable daily exposure limit (ADE) required under Risk-MaPP. OEL Fastrac is a paradigm shift from the traditional way these documents are provided, resulting in significant cost savings and greatly reduced lead-time for pharmaceutical manufacturing and contract manufacturing companies. Occupational toxicologists and industrial hygiene professionals with decades of industry experience prepare all OEL Fastrac documents.


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