EHS Compliance Management Software – Increasing User Adoption and Engagement

EHS Compliance SoftwareCompanies that have implemented environmental, health and safety compliance software systems often struggle to gain end user adoption and engagement. This results in end users failing to adopt the system and not entering important environmental, health and safety data into the compliance management system in a timely and consistent manner.

Five Ideas to Get Your EHS Compliance Software Moving

So, how can you get your environmental, health and safety staff onboard with a compliance management system? How can you get them to realize the value of the system and become engaged? One way is to tie the success of the environmental, health and safety compliance management software to both individual and departmental performance.

  • Measure usage. Most sophisticated environmental, health and safety software systems, such as Affytrac, have the capability for administrators to determine system access information. This information can determine who’s doing what and how often.
  • Ensure data quality. In addition to requiring that users enter EHS compliance data into the software tool, be specific about timeliness and quality. For example, completion of routine EHS compliance tasks should be entered by the end of the week in which the tasks were completed.
  • Engage users during meetings. One of the most successful ways that I’ve seen in increasing user adoption and engagement is to display important dashboards and metrics on a projector screen during periodic staff or department meetings. The data displayed may include open compliance tasks or corrective actions, access usage, and more.
  • Tie individual compensation to usage. One of the strongest measures to boost user adoption is to tie usage to compensation. Integrate usage of the EHS compliance management system into job descriptions, into performance goals and objectives, and into annual performance evaluations. Adopt the mantra, “If it’s not documented in the compliance management system, it’s not done.”
  • Use peer pressure. Establish a leader board with the top EHS compliance performers, and strategically place some peer pressure on those end users with no recent¬†activity.

Bottom-line Advice for EHS Managers

Based on Affygility Solutions’ experience of working with hundreds of life science companies, the bottom-line advice for implementing an environmental, health and safety management system is that “EHS Managers have to manage.” Often, I see EHS Managers avoid conflict and confrontation with staff at all costs. Well, unfortunately, that comes with the title. You weren’t hired to be everyone’s friend. If you believe that compliance with EHS regulatory requirements is important, then you must convey that importance to your organization. Ultimately, a well implemented EHS compliance software system can ensure that compliance occurs in a sustainable manner.


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