Eight new OEL Fastrac documents added

Our catalog of occupational exposure limit monographs for pharmaceuticals continues to grow

occupational exposure limits pharmaceuticalsAffygility Solutions is pleased to announce that is has added eight additional active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to its growing catalog of OEL Fastrac monographs. APIs that have been added in the last week include:

Each OEL Fastrac monograph contains important information necessary for the successful execution of your potent compound safety program. This information includes, but not limited to, the occupational exposure limit (OEL) and its calculation, the potent compound classification, information regarding the availability of an industrial hygiene method for the API, toxicology information, cited references, and much more.

Information that you can trust

Using a variety of trusted scientific literature sources, public and commercial databases, each OEL Fastrac document is prepared by occupational toxicologists and occupational health professionals with advanced degrees, professional certifications, and decades of industry experience. To ensure the accuracy and quality of the information, the occupational toxicology professionals at Affygility Solutions utilize a 15-step check-point system for each OEL Fastrac document.

Rapid delivery with instant download

At Affygility Solutions, we understand the speed at which the pharmaceutical industry moves, and that’s the reason behind OEL Fastrac with instant download. No more waiting for phone calls, emails to be returned, or convoluted purchasing processes. Either by browsing our catalog or using our site search tool, your document can be quickly located, payment information entered, and within seconds your document is available in pdf format.

Fantastic value

Because we have eliminated every non-value added step out of the OEL monograph acquisition process, we can offer high-quality OEL Fastrac monographs at unprecedented price. Why pay 10 times as much for essentially the same information and have to wait weeks for it to be delivered? To learn more go to oelfastrac.com

Don’t see what you need? Need a custom occupational exposure limit?

If you have a proprietary, novel, or early stage compound, and need an occupational exposure limit or occupational health categorization – no problem! Simply contact us for more information.


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