Risk Assessments – The Forgotten Art workshop at HPAPI Summit 2013

risk assessment pharmaceuticalsDean M. Calhoun, CIH, President and CEO of Affygility Solutions will present Risk Assessments – The Forgotten Art workshop at the HPAPI Summit 2013 to be held May 28th – 30th, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA.

Risk Assessments – Why You need to Understand the Process

Often, in potent compound safety programs, the process of risk assessments is mistaken for the process of determining the toxicological hazards of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and placement of that API into a specific hazard category. Unfortunately, while understanding the toxicological hazards of an API is very important, it is only one part of the overall risk assessment process. The determination of the hazard category for an API does not  tell you the overall scale of the process, the physical form that it will be handled, the type of systems that it will be handled, and many other factors that may influence the potential for occupational exposure to the API.

Risk Assessment Workshop – What You will Learn

In this highly interactive workshop, the attendees will be expected to leave with knowledge of:

  • The risk assessment process
  • Knowledge of governmental regulations that require risk assessment
  • Different types of risk assessment methodologies such as PHA, HAZOP, What- If, FEMA, AIHA’s qualitative exposure assessment model, and others
  • An understanding why risk assessments as an essential component of a potent compound safety program
  • Currently available tools to assist in the risk assessment process In addition, the attendees of the workshop will have the opportunity to practice the use of these tools on real-life examples.

To register for this workshop and the rest of the HPAPI Summit, go to http://hpapi-summit.com/

In addition, if you’re attending the HPAPI Summit and would like to arrange a meeting with Mr. Calhoun to discuss risk assessments or other elements of a potent compound safety program, please complete the contact us form on the Affygility Solutions website.


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