Affygility Solutions encrypts its entire website for all visitors

Beginning today, Affygility Solutions will encrypt its entire website, making it extremely difficult for hackers, governmental agencies, and others to track the reading habits of people visiting the site. The added security will apply to all pages on the domain.

“Here at Affygility Solutions, security and privacy for our site visitors has always been a top priority” says Dean M. Calhoun, CIH, President and CEO of Affygility Solutions “and while, our e-commerce portions of the site have always been encrypted, we recognize that many of our visitors are frequent business travelers and are accessing our site through airport and public WiFi hotspots. We want our visitors to know that their visits to our site, no matter where they connect, are protected.”

While encryption has long been the standard for finance and e-commerce sites, Affygility Solutions, as an industry leader, is the first environmental, health, and safety consulting firm to roll-out encryption for all its site visitors.

Most browsers will note the added security with a display icon depicting a small lock, in the web address bar. The secure site will also begin with “https” instead of the former “http.” The type of encryption used by Affygility Solutions is known as SSL (secure sockets layer) which establishes a private connection between the website and the user, making spying or hijacking extremely difficult.

This encryption technology also has the potential to make online monitoring more difficult for governments with high levels of censorship and surveillance. When visitors go to a site using SSL, someone monitoring their traffic will only see the domain that they are visiting – not the specific page. Since Affygility Solutions has potent compound safety clients in over 30 different countries, this is of growing importance in protecting the privacy of our clients’ information.

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