New Podcast is up: The Mystery of Cytotoxic Compounds

Our new podcast on “Mystery of Cytotoxic Compounds” is now posted on the website. In this podcast, Dr. Joe Nieusma and Dean Calhoun, CIH discuss the following:

  • What is a “cytotoxic compound?”
  • How are cytotoxic compounds determined?
  • What are examples of traditional cytotoxic compounds?
  • Are the terms “cytotoxic” and “genotoxic” synonymous?
  • Do I need a dedicated manufacturing facility or equipment for cytotoxic compounds?
  • Can an occupational exposure limit (OEL) and acceptable daily exposure (ADE/PDE) value be established for a cytotoxic compound?

In addition, Dean Calhoun discusses events and happenings that are related to environmental, health, and safety in the life sciences industry. To listen to this podcast, click on the link above or below.



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