Snapchat for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

As new technologies emerge, the approach to marketing and how business is conducted has changed.  In today’s mobile-first society, there are now countless opportunities for making connections and reaching a larger audience; and within the past decade, it is becoming quite common for businesses to reach their audiences through the use of social media.

The Evolution and Growth of Snapchat

Since 2011, Snapchat  has been a mobile only social media platform that has really changed the game for marketing. With Snapchat a business is able to produce daily stories and interact with potential clients with ease and efficiency. Snapchat allows for quick and immediate connections with a large span of users at one time. As of 2016, 100 million people use Snapchat every day. As a business that uses Snapchat this allows for the company to reach out to more users with quick information and draw more traffic towards the business. Snapchat now has more users that Twitter, and the videos on Snapchat surpass those that are watched on Facebook. This makes Snapchat one of the most influential social media platforms in 2016.

By allowing users to broadcast events such as launches of new products and information, conferences or company gatherings. Snapchat provides a business with the ability to teach and entertain both current and prospective clients. Through this type of “storytelling” social media, a business is given a personality which makes it easier for clients to connect with, relate too and overall trust. Through storytelling clients are able to feel they are a part of the brand and connect on a much deeper level. Through partnerships with social media influencers, Snapchat has the ability for people to work together while addressing relevant issues and marketing their product. For big brands such as Red Bull and Huffington Post, Snapchat takeovers are important to reach out to creative and interesting people to take over their Snapchat account for special events and entertain the audience in a new way. This is useful both to the company and the people doing the takeover to work together to create web traffic and brand awareness for both parties.

Accounts to follow that perform an excellent job of using Snapchat as a marketing method include:

Applying Snapchat to the Field of Environmental, Health and Safety

While the field of environmental health and safety is one area of business that seems to be lagging behind in the adoption of Snapchat, this presents an opportunity. If applied correctly, Snapchat can be used successfully by any type of business. Snapchat for environmental health and safety can be utilized in the following ways:

  • Provide short demonstrations of new products and equipment;
  • Provide behind the scenes sneak peeks into conferences and events;
  • Present interviews with clients about their projects;
  • Introduce new employees and give a face to the business;
  • Provide short educational overviews into the field of environmental, health and safety

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