As most of you know by now, Affygility Solutions has released its next version of Affytrac. Since we completely redesigned the UI (user interface) to make it a responsive design that works on all devices (desktops, tablets, and smartphones), this was a significant update. One trick that you may not know about, is how to add a favicon to the home screen of your iPhone to make Affytrac seem more

Yesterday, Apple Computer announced the released of its new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. Besides a much larger screen on both phone models, one of the new features that I’m looking forward to is the addition of the NFC capabilities on all 3 devices. NFC has the potential to dramatically change the profession of environmental, health and safety. So what is NFC? NFC stands for Near-Field Communication.

Motorola Xoom – forcing the browser to view the full desktop version of a website. For those of you that know us, here at Affygility Solutions, we recently I purchased a Motorola Xoom tablet computer.  Overall, the Motorola Xoom is fantastic, both from a user interface perspective, speed and weight.  We use the Motorola Xoom to use Affytrac, our environmental, health and safety compliance management software solution, in the field.

BioPharma EH&S Podcast Episode No. 15. – discusses listener questions on peptides/proteins and absorption, molecular size and skin absorption, and moving potent compounds from a 4 control band system to a 5-band system, and other control banding discussions. Thursday, April 21, 2011. the twitter hashtag for today’s podcast is #biopharma15. I will put a link to how to use hashtags in the shownotes: List of topics First, I’ll briefly

BioPharma EH&S Podcast Episode #11 In Today’s Episode: Review of Episode 10 Discuss: The Evolution of Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance and Operational Risk Management Software Upcoming Events and Happenings of Importance to EHS professionals in the BioPharma industry. Hello everybody and welcome back to the Biopharma EH&S Podcast, Episode #11, it’s Saturday, February 26th, 2011.  And this is the podcast helping you take your environmental, health and safety program

In this episode of the Biopharma EHS (Environmental, health and safety) Podcast, Dean M. Calhoun, CIH, President and CEO of Affygility Solutions discusses the Future of environmental, health and safety. Alright, in the last episode – Episode 7 our main topic was management commitment and involvement – how to obtain and sustain it.  In that episode I indicated that one of the most important things to consider is to know

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