The Ikea Effect is a cognitive basis where labor enhances affection for results. The name for this psychological phenomenon is coined after the Swedish furniture company Ikea, whose products required some assembly. It’s also the phenomenon that makes plastic glue-together models so successful (even though the end result may not look so great and definitely not worth the time spent). It is seen as the situation where the “assembler” over-values

Recently, I was reading an article in a prominent pharmaceutical trade magazine on the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility of the Future. While, this article made some goods points and it was unclear to me the time horizon that they were forecasting over, this article concerned me that we are using linear thinking instead of non-linear thinking. Linear thinking is the thought process where we believe that today is an improvement over yesterday,

FAA seeks $689,800 fine against FedEx for alleged hazardous materials / dangerous goods shipping violations Federal officials are seeking a $689,800 fine against Federal Express Corp., saying the company violated rules on shipping hazardous materials. FedEx said the incidents in 2009 did not pose a safety threat. The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that on 89 flights, FedEx failed to give pilots complete and accurate information about their cargo. [blackbirdpie url=”!/Affygility/statuses/91297328346050560″] The FAA also

How to blog – Ten Tips for Better Blogging Whether you’re just getting started in blogging or been blogging for years, here’s ten tips on how to blog better: Think about quality not quantity – If you’re not feeling inspired and can’t come up with something to write about then don’t.  Yes consistency is important, but consistently posting poorly written articles will hurt you in the long run. Create interesting

Extended Duration at the Computer – Health and Safety is Important! When working for an extended duration at a computer, health and safety considerations cannot be dismissed, otherwise there is the potential for ergonomic injury.  At Affygility Solutions, we often get called in to perform computer workstation evaluations on employees that are experiencing discomfort while working at their computer.  In most cases, simple and cost-effective solutions are available.  Here is

Ecology Defined According to the book, “The Science of Ecology“, Brewer, R. 2nd Ed., ecology is defined as the study of the relationships of organisms to their environment and to one another. Over the past several decades, many books were written regarding ecology, sustainability, and the role that business plays in this topic.  These books included “The Ecology of Commerce” by P. Hawken, “in Earth’s Company” by Carl Frankel, “Natural

BioPharma EH&S Podcast Episode No. 13. Sunday, March 27th, 2011 The twitter hashtag for today’s podcast is #socialehs In this episode of the BioPharma EHS Podcast, Dean Calhoun of Affygility Solutions discusses the following: I’ll briefly cover what we talked about last time in episode number 12. Note: Click on the player to listen to the podcast: Then I will cover our main topic for today, which is the use

The Young Guns of Environmental, Health and Safety survey results will be presented on March 31st, 2011 at 12:00 to 12:30 p.m. (U.S. Mountain Time).  To register for this free webinar, go to the registration site.  In this webinar we will discuss the use of social media, modern communication technologies, importance of regulatory issues, and the views of EH&S professionals in the 25-34 year old age group.  Please note that

Management Commitment and Involvement – How to obtain it and sustain it for your EHS Program. In this episode of the Biopharma EHS Podcast, Dean M. Calhoun, CIH discusses Management Commitment and Involvement – How to obtain it and sustain it for your environmental, health and safety program. Review last time. Main topic: “Management Commitment – how to obtain and sustain it.” Upcoming events and happenings of importance to environmental,

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