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Here at Affygility Solutions we often hear the statement, “We want it simple to use.” But, almost in the same breath, they will indicate “We want it comprehensive and want it to do this, this, and this” and “Oh, by the way does it work on iPhones, Android devices, and iPads?” As you can see, these statements presents a huge dichotomy and challenge for designers and developers that are tasked

Yesterday, Apple Computer announced the released of its new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. Besides a much larger screen on both phone models, one of the new features that I’m looking forward to is the addition of the NFC capabilities on all 3 devices. NFC has the potential to dramatically change the profession of environmental, health and safety. So what is NFC? NFC stands for Near-Field Communication.

I’ve been in this field for over 28 years, and have been fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time traveling throughout the globe working with a wide variety of environmental, health and safety managers (EHS). Most are really good at what they do, but some need a drastic upgrade in a few areas. Here’s my top ten list: You are horrible at email. This comes first because I

Check out the latest in EHS compliance management software and OEL/ADE services Affygility Solutions will be exhibiting at the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers’ Proactive Compliance Conference to be held January 13-14, 2013 at the Hilton East Brunswick, New Jersey. Stop by and visit with Peter Burke to learn more about our EHS Compliance Management and Corrective Action Software, and our OEL Fastrac service – an affordable and innovative way

Affygility Solutions is pleased to announce that it has added increased functionality to it’s environmental, health and safety software (EHS). Specifically, now once an issue has been identified and entered into the Affytrac EHS software system, you can tag follow-up actions as either a corrective action, preventative action, or effectiveness verification action. The purpose of this increased functionality is to assist those companies that are seeking ISO 14001 or 18001

As a provider of EHS software, I often see EHS software projects suffer from what is known in the technology space as the “Hype Cycle.”┬áThe Hype Cycle is a branded graphical tool that was developed by the Gartner Group to represent the maturity, adoption, and social application of specific technologies (Fig 1). Each hype cycle drills down to five (5) key phases of a technology’s life cycles. These phases are

The Ikea Effect is a cognitive basis where labor enhances affection for results. The name for this psychological phenomenon is coined after the Swedish furniture company Ikea, whose products required some assembly. It’s also the phenomenon that makes plastic glue-together models so successful (even though the end result may not look so great and definitely not worth the time spent). It is seen as the situation where the “assembler” over-values

Often, in sports, the term “bench strength” is used, and refers to the quality and number of players that are available to substitute into a game. Having coached competitive basketball, I can relate to the impact of a weak bench. Basically, your best players are starters, but as soon as a starter has to come out of the game (foul trouble, injury), the skill level of the people that are

Well, by now, everyone has heard more than enough about Edward Snowden and the leaking of top-secret NSA information. As EHS auditors what can we learn from this type of incident? Here’s five things that come to mind: If you say it’s confidential, it’s probably not or won’t be for long. We, as humans, have an incredibly bad habit of ┬ánot being able to keep a secret. As you probably

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