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Here at Affygility Solutions we often hear the statement, “We want it simple to use.” But, almost in the same breath, they will indicate “We want it comprehensive and want it to do this, this, and this” and “Oh, by the way does it work on iPhones, Android devices, and iPads?” As you can see, these statements presents a huge dichotomy and challenge for designers and developers that are tasked

I’ve been in this field for over 28 years, and have been fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time traveling throughout the globe working with a wide variety of environmental, health and safety managers (EHS). Most are really good at what they do, but some need a drastic upgrade in a few areas. Here’s my top ten list: You are horrible at email. This comes first because I

What OSHA and EPA trends do you need to pay attention to in 2014 Environmental, health and safety professionals in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries need to pay attention to the following trends and potential OSHA and EPA regulatory changes in 2014: 1. Injury and Illnesses Reporting On November 8th, 2013, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration published its Proposed Rule on Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and

Affygility Solutions is pleased to announce that it has added increased functionality to it’s environmental, health and safety software (EHS). Specifically, now once an issue has been identified and entered into the Affytrac EHS software system, you can tag follow-up actions as either a corrective action, preventative action, or effectiveness verification action. The purpose of this increased functionality is to assist those companies that are seeking ISO 14001 or 18001

If you are new to the field of environmental, health and safety, writing your first health and safety report can be terrifying. Questions like, “Where do I begin? What if I say something wrong? What format should I use? Does someone have a template I can use? What kind of Health and Safety Report can I be expected to write Health and safety professionals can be expected to write a

Companies that have implemented environmental, health and safety compliance software systems often struggle to gain end user adoption and engagement. This results in end users failing to adopt the system and not entering important environmental, health and safety data into the compliance management system in a timely and consistent manner. Five Ideas to Get Your EHS Compliance Software Moving So, how can you get your environmental, health and safety staff

Often, when I’m out serving Affygility Solutions’ clients I get asked about the definition of compliance and questioned about its importance. For individuals that don’t have significant amount of regulatory compliance experience, this is often a difficult question. Depending upon the person in which you’re having the conversation, the compliance definition can mean different things, but for most environmental, health and safety professionals, the compliance definition means “the act of

Frequently, I attend technology conferences that are not related to the occupational health and safety (OHS) field.  The reasons I attend these types of conferences are several: 1) first, to meet interesting people with fresh ideas and perspectives; 2) second, understand where technology is heading and how these technologies might inspire a different approach to ehs software; and 3) finally, for idea generation purposes.  However, often when in attendance at these

Laboratory Safety Video Released by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board The United States Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released its laboratory safety video called “Experimenting with Danger.”  This 24-minute video focuses on three (3) separate laboratory accidents that occurred at academic institutes.  These accidents are as follows: The death of a laboratory research assistant in a flash fire involving tert-Butyllithium at UCLA in 2008; The death of a Dartmouth College professor

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