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Ten Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Trends for 2012 In this white paper, Dean Calhoun, CIH, President and CEO of Affygility Solutions discusses 10 environmental, health and safety trends in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industry for 2012.  These trends include: The Global Harmonization System (GHS) in the United States will become a reality. Criminal enforcement of occupational, health and safety regulations will be on the rise. The International

Are you a sustainability or environmental, health and safety professional, and looking to get started on Twitter?  Well, who do you Follow?  To get started you can take several approaches.  These approaches are as follows: Go to the Twitter Search tool and search for key terms such as “sustainability”, “environmental”, “occupational safety”, “industrial hygiene”, or similar terms.  Once the results are produced, look at their profiles and get a feel

How to blog – Ten Tips for Better Blogging Whether you’re just getting started in blogging or been blogging for years, here’s ten tips on how to blog better: Think about quality not quantity – If you’re not feeling inspired and can’t come up with something to write about then don’t.  Yes consistency is important, but consistently posting poorly written articles will hurt you in the long run. Create interesting

Ecology Defined According to the book, “The Science of Ecology“, Brewer, R. 2nd Ed., ecology is defined as the study of the relationships of organisms to their environment and to one another. Over the past several decades, many books were written regarding ecology, sustainability, and the role that business plays in this topic.  These books included “The Ecology of Commerce” by P. Hawken, “in Earth’s Company” by Carl Frankel, “Natural

BioPharma EH&S Podcast Episode No. 13. Sunday, March 27th, 2011 The twitter hashtag for today’s podcast is #socialehs In this episode of the BioPharma EHS Podcast, Dean Calhoun of Affygility Solutions discusses the following: I’ll briefly cover what we talked about last time in episode number 12. Note: Click on the player to listen to the podcast: Then I will cover our main topic for today, which is the use

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