Well, by now, everyone has heard more than enough about Edward Snowden and the leaking of top-secret NSA information. As EHS auditors what can we learn from this type of incident? Here’s five things that come to mind: If you say it’s confidential, it’s probably not or won’t be for long. We, as humans, have an incredibly bad habit of  not being able to keep a secret. As you probably

A new frontier of innovation lies before each of us. Never before have we had this opportunity. Never before has each of us, as individuals, have had the immediate access to information, the ability to travel worldwide in a moments notice, and the ability to rapidly understand changes in our natural environment. Listed below are my top ten influential people that are changing the world, changing how we think, and

Recently, I was reading an article in a prominent pharmaceutical trade magazine on the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility of the Future. While, this article made some goods points and it was unclear to me the time horizon that they were forecasting over, this article concerned me that we are using linear thinking instead of non-linear thinking. Linear thinking is the thought process where we believe that today is an improvement over yesterday,

Are you a sustainability or environmental, health and safety professional, and looking to get started on Twitter?  Well, who do you Follow?  To get started you can take several approaches.  These approaches are as follows: Go to the Twitter Search tool and search for key terms such as “sustainability”, “environmental”, “occupational safety”, “industrial hygiene”, or similar terms.  Once the results are produced, look at their profiles and get a feel

Motorola Xoom – forcing the browser to view the full desktop version of a website. For those of you that know us, here at Affygility Solutions, we recently I purchased a Motorola Xoom tablet computer.  Overall, the Motorola Xoom is fantastic, both from a user interface perspective, speed and weight.  We use the Motorola Xoom to use Affytrac, our environmental, health and safety compliance management software solution, in the field.

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