Definition of a Potent Compound

At Affygility Solutions we often get asked, “What is a Potent Compound.” So here’s the definition that we hang our hat on:

“A Potent Compound is defined as a pharmacologically active ingredient or intermediate with biological activity at 150 ug/kg of body weight or below in adults (therapeutic dose at or below 10 milligrams); an active pharmaceutical ingredient or intermediate with an occupational exposure limit (OEL) at or below 10 ug/m^3 of air as an 8-hour time weighted average; a pharmacologically active ingredient or intermediate with high selectivity (i.e. ability to bind to specific receptors or inhibit specific enzymes) and/or the potential to cause cancer, mutations, developmental effects, or reproductive toxicity at low doses (at or near the therapeutic dose or lower); or a novel compound of unknown potency and toxicity.”


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