Compliance Management Software. Is it necessary?

Earlier this week I conducted an Environmental, Health and Safety Thought Leader interview (in the final stages) and the person I was interviewing indicated that their biggest challenge was trying to “keep up with all of it” [meaning new EHS initiatives and requirements] and trying to “do more with less.” He did indicate that while he was the sole EH&S professional in the company, he did have many assistants. These assistants were the ground level employees that he was able to effectively delegate environmental, health, and safety tasks. By deploying Affygility Solutionscompliance management software called Affytrac, he was able to take the stress out of it for the informal assistants that were helping out with health and safety requirements and make it easy for them. As he indicated, “It takes the complexity out of it.”

Then today, I was reading and commented on a post on the NAEM blog by Stephen Evanoff. In his post, Stephen was discussing that if you work for an international company you must understand the culture and customs of your co-workers in those countries. I commented that even simple things such as date format and word/phrase meaning can cause headaches for EH&S professionals doing work internationally. Make sure that you have the compliance management software that is capable of internationalization and is scalable.

What do you think? I would enjoy hearing your comments.

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