Potent Compound Safety Program Activities

A comprehensive potent compound safety program is not just a single activity or task item.  In many cases, it is similar to the fact that a comprehensive environmental, health and safety program is not just a single check box on the audit list.  For a potent compound safety program to be effective it will be necessary to implement many procedures andPotent Compound Safety Projects Affygility Solutionspractices.  These can include performing risk assessments or potent compound safety classifications on new compounds, authoring material safety data sheets for these compounds, developing and implementing control banding procedures, training employees in potent compound safety procedures, performing industrial hygiene monitoring to determine potential exposures, and performing containment validation projects.

For more information on the types of activities that may be required, go to the Affygility SolutionsProject Profiles page on their website.  If you need assistance, please contact us.


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