Occupational exposure control bands for pharmaceuticals – Should I use 4 or 5 bands?

Here at Affygility Solutions, we are often asked the question, “Should I use 4 or 5 controls bands in my occupational exposure control banding system? In this brief video, Dean M. Calhoun, CIH, the President and CEO of Affygility Solutions answers this important question.

In the image below, we present a comparison between the Affygility Solutions control banding system, the Merck system, and a typical 4-band system. When translating from one system to the other, it is not only important to know the occupational exposure limit, but also other factors such as skin absorption, skin irritation, and sensitization that may influence the placement into a specific control band.

Occupational Exposure Control Banding Pharmaceuticals

If you need to have your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) classified or need an occupational exposure limit (OEL) for your API, then please contact Affygility Solutions. In addition, if you need an OEL for a common API, then be sure to check out oelfastrac.com for our complete catalog of OEL monographs.



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