EHS Software – The Challenge of User Adoption

A little over a year ago, I created a post on EHS Compliance Management Software – Increasing User Adoption and Engagement. In this post, I provided a few suggestions for encouraging user adoption of EHS software. Those suggestions included:

  • Measure usage;
  • Ensure data quality;
  • Engage users during meetings;
  • Tie individual compensation to usage; and
  • Use peer pressure.

EHS Software – Additional Suggestions for Increasing User Adoption

EHS software user adoptionIn addition to those five suggestions listed above, I would like to add some additional suggestions for increasing user adoption of your EHS software. These additional suggestions include:

  • Ensure executive leadership involvement in the process. Effective use of EHS software should not conducted inside a vacuum. The details and content of the EHS software should be transparent to executive leadership. And, executive leadership should periodically post comments or questions in the system. EHS software should NOT be just about data. There should be a dialogue amongst EHS staff and executive leadership about what the data means and how it is going to drive future EHS performance.
  • Identify and reward Super Users. For example, identification of super users can be based on the number of activities completed on time, or the number of master tasks created.
  • Perform floor walking. After you have gone live with your EHS software, have the administrators or super users walk through your department and sit with users at their desks. By giving users one-to-one attention, you can gain a better insights into areas where there may be having difficulties.
  • Take the approach, “If if it isn’t in the EHS software system, it didn’t happen.”
  • Mandate both timeliness and data quality.

If you have any questions or need additional information on how you can increase user adoption of your EHS software system, please contact us at Affygility Solutions.


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